The Team

As a company, we specialize in glazing solutions. JTB Installations guarantees un-paralleled security of knowledge and strength within the industry. We specialize in a variety of glazing options, including; commercial grade curtain wall glazing, commercial store front glazing, window wall products, glass handrails and so much more. Putting your trust in JTB should give you confidence in knowing that you have picked the right company for the job every time.

The Mechanics

Good glazing properties control the amount of daylight, quality of light and solar heat allowed into a building. Essentially, glazing systems can determine the thermal comfort and visual pleasure given in a space. Glazing can involve clear view or tinted float glass, tempered or laminated safety glass, as well a large variety of energy efficient coatings. The mechanics of glazing are simple. The process itself? Not so much. Our knowledge allows us to help you make the right decision.

The Location

JTB Installations is proud to have worked all throughout the Lower Mainland and Alberta. From West Vancouver to Whistler, Surrey to Port Coquitlam, or Langley to UBC, no job is too small or far away. We will come to you with the products necessary, and will work with you from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction with our services. To see the diversity of our work, some samples of our past projects can be seen in our portfolio. 


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Our Services

Architectural Glazing

Architectural structures need the proper application of glazing and glazing products. Currently when designing a new architectural structure, glass is absolutely necessary. Not only is it visually appealing, it also creates a product that can push the envelope in the fields of architecture and design. Although a wide variety of glazing options exist for architectural buildings, we will work with you to determine which products your building requires. By focusing our efforts on large scale curtainwall and window wall products, we feel that the future of the commercial industry in our hands.

Commercial Glazing

 Currently in commercial construction, the main focus is on stunning architecture. By incorporating new glazing systems into your building design, you’re ensuring reduction of solar heat gain by reflecting solar energy. Low E coatings and more efficient thermally broken glazing systems have been implemented to create not only a beautiful end product, but also an energy efficient addition to the city in which it has been built. 

Residential Glazing

New glazing products are being developed for not only the commercial industry but also for residential applications as well. Curtain wall, glass handrails, skylights and solarium’s are all becoming more and more common is today’s race for bigger and better looking homes. These products take your home and turn it into a conversation piece. The possibilities are endless, incorporating style and utilizing today’s new technology, you can create an energy efficient beautiful home that will last a lifetime. 


Deciding how to properly maintain a unique structure requires innovative glazing solutions. At JTB Installations we like a challenge. We understand that not every glazing job is straight forward. That being said, we have yet to meet a project we haven’t been able to complete to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. We pursue creative solutions to ensure that your structure is able to withhold it’s unique construction without altering the design, or your vision. Working with you to find the best solution for your specialty glazing needs would be our pleasure. 


Why Choose Us?

At JTB Installations, we like to think of ourselves as an army - on the front lines of the glazing industry, fighting for quality installations and excellent service. We work as a team, having the same singular focus needed to get jobs done efficiently and on time. Once we take on a job, we won't stop until we exceed your expectations. Our drive and dedication towards any project ensures you won't be disappointed.

A Modern Take on a Traditional Industry

The glazing industry has been around for a long time, and with that being said, it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine. Here at JTB Installations, we aim to push away from the traditional glazing solutions to bring you the current products with the best services possible. Choosing our services ensures a dedication that won’t be found elsewhere.

Utilizing Youth & Strength

Our youth and strength are necessary to get the tough jobs done. Whatever your needs are, commercial or residential, architectural or specialized, we have the power to get the job done quickly and, most importantly, right the first time. We’re hungry, driven, and willing to take on any job you can think of. As a team, we’re able to utilize a wide variety of abilities to work together as one for all your needs.

Lower Costs

Drive and strength are two very important qualities to hold at a company. Here at JTB Installations, they’re not the only strengths we possess. Our young team ensures you a quick and efficient installation. We also understand that a quality installation of the end product matters. Completing projects quickly ensures that your costs, and overall time investment, go down.


At JTB Installations we strive to give our crew members every opportunity they deserve. By creating jobs in the trades industry we are extremely proud to offer apprenticeship schooling to crew members willing to dedicate their time to the company. We are actively involved in the ITA program aiding our team on their way to become certified Red Seal Journeyman.


Recent Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.







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